Competition Schedule

Thursday 23rd

12.00 competition starts

All amateur individual categories

Junior A Women Amateur
Junior B Women Amateur

Friday 24th

13.00 competition starts

All amateur categories
(except Junior A and Junior B)
All competitive doubles categories
Junior A Men competetive

Saturday 25th

9.00 Competition starts

All competitive individual categories

Master+50 Women Competitive
Master+40 Men Competitive

Sunday 26th

9:00 competition starts

All competitive individual
(except Master+50 Women, Master+40 Men, Junior A Men)
Parapole categories

The World Championships Café opening hours:

Thu 11-19
Fri 11-19
Sat 9-19
Sun 9-16

There are daily options for both sweet and savory treats, as well as hot and cold drinks. Also a variety of healthier snacks.

The café is run by Aerial Unlimited ry (@aerialunlimitedry) and profits go supporting youth and children’s activities in the association.

The POSA Pole Sport World Championships are held in Jyväskylä, Finland November 23rd–26th. The competition will have amateur, competitive and parapole categories.

Finnish Pole Fitness Federation welcomes you to Jyväskylä!

Finnish Pole Fitness Federation (FPFF)/ World Heavy Events Association (WHEA) is proud to organise POSA Pole Sport World Championships in the city of Jyväskylä, November 23.–26. This is the second time the world championships are organised in Finland, the previous time being in Hämeenlinna 2019. 

Pole Sports World Championships is a big effort for the organisers. In total, more than 200 international athletes in amateur, competitive and parapole categories will walk onto the stage in Hipposhalli representing 19 different countries. Adding to this are the coaches and other members of the international delegations, closer to 60 volunteers from all over Finland working for the event during the competition, plus 30 judges from 10 different countries in three different judging panels.

– We are delighted to return to the city of Jyväskylä after our successful cooperation on organising Pole Sport Finnish Nationals in 2021, says Heidi Tiusanen from FPFF. Jyväskylä is known as a city where exercise and sport in all its forms have an important role, and it has always made our athletes feel welcome.

Pole sport is a form of physical activity where athletes compete using two four-meter-long vertical poles combining strength, flexibility, and dynamic movements in their choreography. In addition to individual athletes in junior, senior and masters divisions, the competition has doubles divisions where two athletes create a routine together.

The competition is organised under Pole Sports & Arts World Federation (POSA) and all athletes have committed to fair play and clean sports under World Anti Doping Agency WADA.