For competitors

We want to make sure that your stay in Jyväskylä will be as relaxed as possible, so here you can find the essential information.

If you have questions about the competition, please contact

If your questions considering the competition rules, please contact:

Video & photograph package

Competitors can purchase a video and photograph package through Suomisport. The package must be purchased no later than December 9th.

The package includes:

  • Athlete’s performance videos from the competition (in case the athlete is in qualifications and the final, videos of both performances will be included). The videos are filmed by Creative Works crew and the videos will be sent by the local organizing committee of the competition. The delivery is via download link, so you can download the video onto your computer on WHEA Vimeo .
  • Performance photos (minimum 3 photos) from the competition in print quality – photographer Mikko Karsisto. The photos will be sent via Wetransfer downloading link.
  • The video(s) and photos are sent out within 14 days after the competition.


Price of the package 40€

When purchasing the pack, you can edit and publish your videos and photos as you want, but the following copyrights must be mentioned:

Videos: © WHEA / Creative Works
Photos: © WHEA / Mikko Karsisto

Social Media

You can use ready made templates to create your own Instagram feed picture. Check the instructions and templates: Note! If the link doesn’t work on mobile, try PC!

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