Competition venue


Hipposhalli, sports hall
Kuntoportti 3
40700, Jyväskylä, Finland

Competition poles and stage

The competition podium and training hall have the official POSA poles supplied by X-Pole only.

Competition poles: X-Pole Stainless, 45mm, height 4 meters. In the training hall there are several X-Pole 45mm stages available

Competition stage: 8m x 8m

The distance of the poles is between 3m and 3.2m.

Stage rehearsals

The stage rehearsals will be without music. Each national delegation will be given a time slot for testing the poles that they can divide between the athletes evenly. The timetable will be sent to each delegation and athlete in the Welcome letter in October 2023.

Thursday November 23rd: stage rehearsals for all amateur categories

Friday November 24th: stage rehearsals for all competitive and parapole categories

Warm up area

The training will start in the warm-up area and at the competition stage on Thursday, November 23rd. Access to the competition hall and the warm-up halls will only be granted to the delegations wearing the accreditation pass and only during the times reserved for their nation.

In the training hall there are several X-Pole 45mm stages available with other warm-up options.The competition stage training time is limited and only available as released in the schedule after the entry time has ended. (See chapter stage rehearsals)

Massage services

Your Body is a sports massage center that also offers physiotherapy and naprapathy. We work in close cooperation with local sports teams and athletes. We have been doing multiple collaborations with the track and field team of Finland over the years and during the summer of 2023, our staff members were in the European athletics team championships in Poland and World championships in Hungary.

During Pole Dance World championships in Jyväskylä, we offer our expertise to all athletes on-site free of charge. Athletes can use our services for recovery purposes or to enhance their warm-up and preparation before the competition. We can also help with minor injuries using for example sports taping.

You are welcome to also utilize our expertise and services during the competition week at your own expense by booking an appointment with Timma -app or by visiting our website

Massage service

Thursday 10-14 & 15-20
Friday 11-19
Saturday 8:30-19
Sunday 8-16

Closed during lunch breaks

Sales booth

Thursday 10-13 & 15-17
Friday 11-13 & 15-17
Saturday 8-16
Sunday 8-16

Local training center

During the world championship competition week out local pole dance studio offers a possibility to book open and private training sessions for those taking part in the competition.

Athletes can book a training time at the local pole dance studio Ready Set Pole. The studio is located in central Jyväskylä, Cygnaeuksenkatu 3. Most of the local buses stop within walking distance from the studio. If you have further questions you can reach the studio at or +358409692693

Open sessions 120min are held in the pole room that has 16 powder paint coated poles, diameters 42/48mm, height approx. 3-3,8m. Please note, that only one of these poles can be used on spin mode!

Private 55min sessions are held in our smaller aerial room and will have two powder paint coated Fitpoles that can be used on both spin or static mode. You can of course share the session with another competitor(s), but only one name is required in the booking stage. Please note that the space and poles do not meet official competition standards, height of the poles is approx. 3-3,5m and floor space is much more limited than the competition stage. So it might not be possible to thoroughly go through your competition routine here.

Book here: (registration required)

Open training 15,00 € / person

Pay primarily here:

Private training 45,00€ / training

Pay primarily here: